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For those of us that create through true feeling...
This is all I know. When lost, I come here, to the silent palette. I hope to share and meet those with similar fetishes.

I do not approach music creation from the perspective of genre, rather, the creation becomes what it wills to be.
Be free.

WeJa Priest


[ 2015.01.06;14:24 ] - It is inevitable that this human shell will soon be discarded.

[ 2014.11.26;10:18 ] - New Year. New Birth. New Realization.

[ 2012.06.16;19:35 ] - There is a ghost in the machine.

[ 2012.05.15;12:06 ] - Birth of new creations - 2012.08.01.

[ 2012.04.27;02:34 ] - Begin sequence for migration.
Destination: Qz Sector 0.

Mystical Cybernetic Alchemy


Psycles - The quest and secret for the Sonic Agents and Quizeilahrian Council that govern the beings of planet Quizeilahr within the New Zhatos Galaxy.

The combining - mergence of Quizeilahrian aura with basic sine wave.
If possible to capture an infinite looped frequency that neither decreases or increases in intensity (dB), would mergence with sine wave and a beings' aura be possible?


All things that exist do so as energies, but in various forms.

Sound waves are energies, vibrations of air, perceived by the ear as sound. Once these vibrations are formed they become an entity of itself, such as an individual exists as itself, but yet still connected to all as energy.

New Zhatos

The technology of the New Zhatos sector is beyond that of many existing galaxies and planets within the NZ existence.

Upon discovering a positive method of aural transfer, the QzC has quested for full mergence of sound and soul (aura).

Sound exists in all medians, but not all beings can experience sound in all instances where sound exists as a factor of auditory threshold.

Advanced beings, such as Quizeilahrians, have hightened senses and are capable of experiencing the presence of sonic entities that are otherwise unregistered for other beings.

Therefore, such theories of neighboring galaxies suggesting absence of sonic activity in specific circumstances is inferior, in relation to Qz properties.

The QzC has explored the Beyond, the mothering Galaxy, New Zhatos, the Earthian Galaxy and has discovered the existence of continuous sonic presence.

The initial mission to explore neighboring galaxies was the prelude to ASM (Aural Sonic Mergence). Continuous sonic existence ensures that upon achieving ASM the resulting Sonic Entity will be able to exist infinitely and develop far beyond normal Quizeilahrian beings with enhanced telekinetic sonic abilities.

Thus, the theory of Aural Sonic Continuum shall be birthed into proper action for the masses.

Quizeilahrians before present have written logs detailing Sonic experiences where those who have entered into the Psycles have revealed themselves and their experiences within the Psycles. As of present, no one has actually known of a Quizeilahrian that has entered the Psycles. After entering the Psycles, it is believed, due to lack of evidence and post contact, that one cannot return to the common realm, though the stories have told of those have who have revealed themselves from within the Psycles in attempt to reveal the proper path for all to enter.

Psycles exists and is only discovered by the few who were able to achieve complete ASM without using induced methods of Zhatos technology. Rather, ASM should be achieved by psychological and kinetic fusion of energies.

Listen to the Universe