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electronica.idm.miscellaneous        beats.triphop.downtempo        ambient.newage.experimental

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For those of us that create through true feeling...
This is all I know. When lost, I come here, to the silent palette. I hope to share and meet those with similar fetishes.

I do not approach music creation from the perspective of genre, rather, the creation becomes what it wills to be.
Be free.

WeJa Priest


[ 2015.01.06;14:24 ] - It is inevitable that this human shell will soon be discarded.

[ 2014.11.26;10:18 ] - New Year. New Birth. New Realization.

[ 2012.06.16;19:35 ] - There is a ghost in the machine.

[ 2012.05.15;12:06 ] - Birth of new creations - 2012.08.01.

[ 2012.04.27;02:34 ] - Begin sequence for migration.
Destination: Qz Sector 0.

Mystical Cybernetic Alchemy

Listen to the Universe